Getting the most from your workout time is essential; your time is precious right? So let’s make sure you squeeze the maximum from your workout with these top tips.

  • Use a Workout Log – If you aren’t logging your workouts, you’ve not got the data to progress.
  • Set Goals – To perform effectively you need to know why you’re working out when you don’t feel like it!
  • Stay Hydrated – Most of your body is made up of water, don’t get depleted during your workout otherwise you can’t perform at the top level.
  • Be well equipped – Have the best clothing and equipment you can afford, you’ll workout better and stay more comfortable.
  • Plan your Workout – If you meander around the equipment you’re wasting valuable time and you aren’t focused.
  • Don’t be a workoutaholic – Going to the gym or working out all the time leads to staleness and injuries – don’t be a bore!!
  • Warm up correctly – A poor warm up will lead to poor gains and injuries, spend the time to get that blood pumping.
  • Stretch after exercise – Stretching can help the body to rid it’s self of the chemical build ups that cause muscle soreness. No one likes to walk like Frankenstein after our workouts!!
  • Give yourself a holiday – Every few months, give yourself a few days off. Your body will appreciate it and you will return with renewed vigour.
  • Keep it fresh – Mix up your workout sessions, join a class, try a new machine, change your strength days. Shock your body into new growth.

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