Christmas Wreaths are very traditional and are more often than not composed of greenery, pine cones a bow and that’s about it. Despite this being a classic there are many other takes on Christmas wreaths that are possible and allow it to become unique to your home. Some key elements to keep in mind when it comes to wreaths are as follows:

  • Depending where you hang you will find you require different materials and even different structural integrity. If the wreath is going to be for the outside of your home you will need to make sure the materials are waterproof; if you don’t you may find yourself finding a wreath that has fallen apart. Indoor wreaths are typically influenced by the style that you have within your home.
  • In tradition wreaths are generally hung on front doors and above fireplaces. These are not the only two places you could hang a wreath though, consider these possibilities:
  • You can hang a wreath inside, outside or on both ways (if you use a double sided wreath hanger).
  • You can hang wreaths upon mirrors also; the mirror will be what you determine the dimensions of the wreath with.  If you go with small wreaths attach them to the back of the chairs as it allows for a very unique feel to the dining room.
  • You can use the corners of a room to hold up a large lighted wreath within a small area.
  • In the middle of a table you could lay your wreath down and put something that represents Christmas within the middle of it.

Depending where you are placing your wreath you will require different sizes. More often than not indoor wreaths have a variance in size from about 6 inches all the way up to 48 inches in diameter. Outdoor wreaths on the other hand could have a diameter of up to 72 inches typically; though I’m sure there have been larger ones! One of the key factors that will influence the design and appearance of a wreath is the material that you use. You could use a number of different materials from fresh or artificial materials such as pinecones, nuts, wheat, straw, fresh or dried herbs and flowers, shells and of course greenery, ribbon, metal or paper.