phpPHP is one of the most used programming languages today and a top favorite among the web developers. This famous scripting language owes its genesis to Danish programmer Lerdorf who created it 2 decades back, in 1995. After couple of years, 2 Israeli programmers Zeev Suraski & Andi Gutmans rewrote this parser which rendered base for the PHP 3- they also built PHP interpreter Zend engine. Over the years, PHP has been through umpteen modifications, each of which has improved the language for good. Today PHP handles over 35 percent of the web traffic.

According to sources, 75 percent of websites today are developed on PHP. The very scripting language is the cradle of some of the world-famous giant domains like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Facebook & Photobucket. Moreover, the best blogging portal of the world, WordPress is built on none other than PHP.

Your website is like your digital representative towards your online audience and hence you have to ensure the best possible representation here- to ensure the most inviting experience for your visitors. When it comes to creating full-functional, dynamic and robust sites, PHP is the unrivalled option. Here goes a brief on why to use this programming language for developing your website.

It’s free

PHP is an open-source language and under GPL rules it’s completely free of charge to use. The PHP-associated software programs such as Text Editors, MySQL & Apache Server are free to use as well. So many free goodies in your basket will definitely reduce the overall web development expense by a great extent. No wonder, PHP is the unanimous choice for the smartest website owners and developers.

Accommodates any size or range of website

This is another major reason to choose PHP for your website development. PHP not only handles big giants but assures equally efficient performance for SME sites as well. You can develop any theme of website on PHP- be it an ecommerce portal or an informative forum or community website or business & organizations sites. It can handle sites with gigantic database & heavy traffic with élan.

Easy to work with

One of the most important reasons why developers prefer PHP is that the language is extremely handy to work with. It carries readable & easily comprehensible syntax. As the PHP code is C/C++ code based & sits embedded in HTML code- programmers benefit from an extremely comfortable coding environment here. Easy programming further assures a quicker web development for you.

Cross-platform compatibility

PHP is compatible with every major OS & server around. This assures easy deployment of your site across varied platforms over the web. PHP script would easily run on Windows, Solaris, Mac OSX, Linux. OpenBSD & others. Moreover, PHP supports all the major databases as well, such as ODBC, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and so on.

Top notch security

Hacking threats are common across the web world and can lead to devastating effects for your website & brand reputation. But, PHP assures top-notch security with its multiple security layers that prevent threats & malicious attacks.

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