Have you ever wondered how colors relate to the choice of a logo? Choosing specific hues for your individual emblem should be part of your overall branding strategy. You will want to consider color impact when making your Logo Builder selection and customizing your artwork.

Visual icons

How did colors come into significance in relation to visual icons? Archetypally, colors were important signals. Hundreds of years ago, symbolic tones were used on heraldic crests and flags. Examples in heraldry: Blue signified loyalty and truth. Green signified abundance and hope. Red signified military might and excellence. Black meant wisdom and dependability. Purple meant royalty and sovereignty. While colors on visual emblems no longer carry such readily recognized meanings, they still convey concepts and emotions. Therefore, it’s important to keep such choices in mind when reviewing your design possibilities.


Strength and emotional intensity

There is a whole segment in brand marketing which embraces color theory. Think of Coca Cola’s red logo and what it conveys. In marketing, red is often chosen to signal energy, strength and emotional intensity. While red is recognized as an exciting experience, blue is perceived as a soothing moment. In branding, blue is known to convey stability, trust and loyalty. The meaning behind the color blue in modern marketing hasn’t deviated much since medieval times. Many of the top IT companies use blue in their insignias. Facebook employs a simple blue icon and features blue in different tones on every page.

Black in graphic design is utilized to convey power, elegance and mystery. Think of Amazon’s use of black in its simple, but effective logo. Perhaps Amazon’s symbol also taps into heraldic significance as well as modern branding since most customers would think of Amazon as dependable and powerful.

Green is especially used on logos these days to signify “environmentally green” products, eco-friendly companies and services. This fresh hue sends subliminal messages of harmony and growth. It is the tone of choice for Starbucks and Android.

Purple is used to make brand statements related to royalty, power, luxury and creativity. Top companies which utilize purple in their icons are Yahoo, FedEx and Taco Bell. Taco Bell features both purple and yellow in its design. Yellow is known to symbolize happiness and energy. This bright hue is stimulating and attention-getting. McDonald’s and Ikea both utilize yellow in their iconic symbols.

Use the LogoCrisp Logo Builder to make your brand selection while keeping color significance in mind.