A dining room can truly be one of the more challenging rooms to decorate on a budget simply because the furnishings for this room are usually some of the more expensive items that can be purchased for a home. However, there are still plenty of affordable ways that you can redecorate your dining room.

Have you looked at the room and just passed it by with the thought that a dining room is what it is? Many people think too that there is just not much to be done in a dining room. However, this room can be redecorated and refreshed just like any other and you can enjoy a new and fun look that will be sure to make you happy every time you sit down for a meal. Here are some easy ways to redecorate your dining room without breaking the bank.

  • 1. Start with the walls. Do not assume that just because it is the dining room, you cannot be creative with color. For this space, consider a darker paint color that will make the dining room feel more cozy and warm and will create an intimate dining setting.
  • 2. If you would like something different, avoid wallpaper, which can be pricey, and considered textured paint. This option will still be affordable, and the textured paints available today are easy to apply.
  • 3. If you are tired of the look of your dining room furniture, you can always consider repainting it as well. This will give even the older or scuffed up furniture a new look and a new life.
  • 4. Keep your dining room table and shop garage sales or thrift stores for new chairs. For a truly unique look, choose mismatched chairs that all have a common style or color while creating bold and interesting look for the room.
  • 5. Since tablecloths can be expensive, consider a more affordable table runner or visit a fabric store and choose an inexpensive and light piece of fabric to create your own unique table covering.
  • 6. Instead of buying new fresh flowers every few weeks for the dining room table, purchase several different types of artificial flowers and then create new bouquets each time you want to spruce up the table centerpieces.
  • 7. If you would like to purchase new furniture items, look for the types that are marked ” These pieces will take a little work from you since you will need to put them together but they will be much more affordable.
  • 8. Think outside the box when it comes to wall art. If you have a rustic or country style dining room, then look for old used items like shutters or even an old wooden screen door to use on the walls.
  • 9. You can also find affordable wall art at thrift stores and garage sales. If you shop out of season, you may be surprised to find affordable wall art that other people are selling in order to buy new seasonal items.
  • 10. Centerpieces do not have to break the budget to be unique and stylish. Consider using a decorative flower pot to store silverware rolled in napkins. Recycle a bud vase with just a couple of daisies or roses for a minimalistic look. A bowl filled with water with floating flower buds or decorative rocks can be inexpensive and unique.
  • 11. Lighting can be expensive when purchased new; however, garage sales can be treasure troves for finding chandeliers, accent lighting and even sconces for extremely affordable prices. If you would prefer to avoid garage sales, then visit online auction sites to look for lighting as well.
  • 12. Instead of replacing flooring, consider purchasing a new rug or runner which can be placed under the dining room table for a new and fresh spruce up to old floors.
  • 13. You do not have to break the bank in small décor items for the room. Since in the dining space, less is more for knickknacks, just look for a few key items that will draw the eye without feeling cluttered. Visit craft stores or thrift stores to find these items for a lower price.
  • 14. Remember that in the dining room, you will want to keep a certain theme. Whether you are decorating a formal dining room, a casual breakfast room, or a country style family dining room, keep that theme in mind throughout the redecoration process. A mismatch in styles will only make you want to spend more money when you have to redecorate sooner