When it is time to replace a home appliance, purchase an energy-efficient model. These appliances cost more initially, but you will save both money and energy over its entire life. An appliance that is cheaper to purchase will have higher operating costs, and savings you’ll accumulate from using an EnergyStar appliance will be substantial.

◆ Energy Star® clothes washers save energy, water, and detergent.

◆ Energy Star®windows only cost ~$0.50 /sq.ft. more than standard windows, save energy and increase comfort.

◆ Look for and purchase Energy Star®labeled electronic goods, and lighting bulbs and fixtures.

◆ Add do-it-yourself insulated (quilted) window covers (minimum R-3 and costing less than $5/sq.ft.) or install blinds, drapes or other window coverings.

◆ Wall insulation should be added especially when the wall cavity is made accessible during home remodeling. Depending on your siding type, consider blown in insulation, applied from the exterior.

◆ Furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning and water heaters all have high efficiency models available and should be considered when replacing these appliances.

◆ Invest in commercially installed storm windows or insulated glass.

◆ Replace conventional oil burner (oil furnace) with a more efficient flame-retention burner.

◆ Install a fireplace insert or wood stove in the fireplace.

◆ Install a solar water heater.