1. Dress in your fitness clothes in the morning. This way you’ll be ready to workout right when your baby falls asleep and save valuable minutes.

2. Enroll in a post-natal exercise class where you can go with your baby buggy. You’ll get fit and meet other new mums in your area.

3. Take advantage of time when your baby is sleeping to run through a fitness DVD. Try mixing up exercise routines, perhaps swapping DVDs with other mums. Combine step aerobics or similar cardiovascular exercise with toning exercises such as Pilates.

4. If your budget permits, hire a certified personal trainer who specialises in pre and post natal exercise. Some will come to your home so that you can exercise and keep an eye on your little one.

5. Join a health club close to home that has facilities in line with your interests and that includes a good childcare centre you can use when he/she reaches the right age. Consider switching gyms to one with a crèche you can use when he/she reaches the right age.

6. Specialist postnatal exercise classes can be a great way to meet other new mums but if you can’t find one, why not team up with another new mum in your area for regular walks with your babies?

7. Buy, borrow, —or dust off—home exercise equipment. If you’re worried about the price, used treadmills, stationary bikes and other major pieces of fitness equipment can be found at garage sales or at online at sites like EBay—but try it out, or get a money back guarantee, before you buy. The best fitness equipment for new mums include:

  • Jogging pushchair
  • Treadmill or stationary exercise bike
  • Large Fitness Ball
  • Exercise mat
  • Free weights and exercise bands/tubing
  • Post natal DVD’s

8. Start thinking of every journey as an opportunity to walk. Get your heartbeat up, take long strides and breathe deeply. Walk to the shops and if you have the time, try to find a longer route home.

9. Register with an on-line health and fitness support group for new mums.

10. If you can find a babysitter, even for an hour or so, make the most of your baby-free time to get out and do some exercise.