There are many fire protection and fire prevention tips out their today. There are both fire protection and fire prevention tips that are geared for adults, children, families, businesses and more. It is important that these fire protection and fire prevention tips are known. Many fire departments dedicate a week or even a month to fire prevention and fire protection because it is so important to be aware of the things you can do to prevent fires and protect your loved ones from fire. Some fires are out of our control but there are thousands of fires each year that could have been prevented. Below are the most important fire prevention and fire protection tips.

Everyone likes candles, they add a certain element to almost any room in your house. However candles are the leading cause in accidental house fires. Fire protection tip number one is place lit candles in a place where if an accident happens, like the glass jar the candle is in bursts, the fire will not be able to spread. Another fire protection tip is check your fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are the most overlooked fire protection tool. They just sit in a corner collecting dust. It is important to know if your fire extinguishers are out of code. If they are they may not work in a time when you need them. Always test your smoke alarms. While this is not a “fire” protection tip is could help protect you and your loved ones. Your smoke alarms sounding will alert you if there is smoke, and this can lead to protecting your home from a spreading fire. Another fire protection tip is to test your doors and windows. It is important to know if they open easily, and if your windows open wide or tall enough. Following these fire protection tips, and reading up on other fire protection tips might help save your life and your families lives.

Fire Prevention tips are often broken into different groups, children, seniors, etc. These are some of the most common fire prevention tips. Obviously the first fire prevention tip is never play with matches, lighters or any other fire igniting apparatus. An extended version of this fire prevention tip is keep these things in places where they cannot be reached by children, like the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet. Another important fire prevention tip is make sure your smoke detectors work. Test them monthly and be sure to change the batteries right away if they do not work. As much as this is a fire prevention tip it is also a fire protection tip. Another fire prevention tip is to have the electrical system of your house tested yearly. This fire prevention tip is especially important for those people living in older houses, the chance of a fire happening because of an electrical system short is much greater in an older house. The last two fire prevention tips are to always remember to turn the stove off when you are done cooking and keep any space heaters away from flammable materials.