To keep from crying when peeling and chopping an onion – first place the onion in the refrigerator or freezer for 20 minutes. The cool temperature contains the onion’s propanethiol s-oxide gas and makes much gentler on the eyes. To then cut a perfect dice… Cut off the stem (pointed) end of the onion; place the cut-end down. Cut the onion in half vertically through the root. Peel the onion (much easier to do AFTER onion is cut in half). Place the onion half on a work surface, flat side down.

Make 3-4 slices into the onion half parallel to the work surface – leave the root in tact – do not cut all the way through the root. Make 5-6 cuts down through the length of the onion half– with the tip of your knife cutting into the onion just a pinch away from the root with cuts running across toward the now-flat stem end. (The bolster of the knife is at 3pm while the tip is a 9pm). Finally, rotate the onion on the work surface so that 6-8 cuts now made across the width of the onion create even-sized diced cubes of onion. (Bolster is at 6pm and tip is at noon).