Perhaps you’re sitting around your apartment right now and realizing that Christmas is coming up and fast; maybe you wanting to get in the Christmas spirit and put up some Christmas decorations around your door. For the most part many people put up a Christmas wreath and sometimes not even that at all due to the rules for the apartment building. If you by chance have a balcony for your apartment you have some more options in that you can put up some Christmas lights on the railing. If you do it maybe it will catch on and the whole building would do it. Wouldn’t that be great? Just because you live in apartment does not mean that you can’t make your apartment look amazing during this magical season.

There are some different options available for your door. If you are able to hang things from your door a wreath is always a great idea; if it’s the only thing you plan on doing perhaps consider getting a professionally made Christmas wreath. Another option is to make one from materials you purchase and ones that are very important to you. This allows it to have a unique identity for yourself and your home. One popular easy option is to simply use a silk poinsettia and a circular wired frame. It is actually very easy to weave the wire frame and the poinsettia together; add some holly for extra Christmas cheer. To hang ornaments on your wreath you should use a glue gun just to make sure everything is securely fashioned.

Once you’re done with the weaving and gluing you can spray it with some glitter to make it really shine; it’s advisable you let it dry for a few hours before hanging it upon your door. Sometimes landlords are rather picky about what can be used to hang stuff on doors and for that reason you should stay away from sticky clay that is used to hang stuff without tacks. This stuff actually will peel the paint from wall or doors surface. A great option is to use the wall adhesive from the Scotch brand as it comes with little hooks and does not peel the paint off when you remove the adhesive.

This allows you to simply take the wreath down and store it away with minimal to no surface damage to your wall. Another great option for your door instead of just a wreath is using a moderate amount of fabric or silk ivy; this will really make your door stand out. Using silk poinsettias with a combination of ivy weaved together will create a great amount of Christmas spirit. Remember to always measure twice before you get go to get the fabric as this will ensure that you have enough ivy for your door frame. Once the ivy is up another nice touch is to pick up a string of Christmas lights, white or green is advisable. They easily will weave together with the ivy and then your next step is to use ornaments around your door frame. Use a stapler if tiny holes aren’t a big deal with the landlord or scotch tape. This will look great at all times of the day and Christmas Spirit will greet all your guests.

Apartment balconies are also incredibly easy to decorate. Lights are the easiest option; simply string them across the railing on your balcony. Use of ivy and poinsettia will also really add to the Christmas atmosphere that you’re trying to create. The most popular colour for Christmas lights tend to be red, white and green as they all exhibit a great deal of Christmas spirit. Hang them up a bit earlier and there is a greater chance that more of your apartment building will follow suit.