mirror-used-to-make-small-space-appear-largerThere are many instances where first-time home owners find out that the money they had set aside to invest in a decent home is not sufficient and this leads to sacrifices which result in less space than was initially intended. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration.


Have a purpose

Furniture that is multi-functional and versatile will help bring about order and flexibility. Such furniture can also act as storage units. This is an important factor to consider in a limited space. Extra linens can be stored in storage ottomans which are then located at the foot of the bed. These storage ottomans can also be used to provide sitting space in the dining or living rooms. Another one can be placed under a glass table and this will provide a different and interesting look.

Another interesting item to consider is a pull-out sofa. This day-sofa can act as a bed at night and can be used by visiting guests in the home. This sofa is great because it takes up little space when it is not being used. It is advisable to decorate the space available with beautiful and practical boxes and baskets which in turn can be used to store items that are seldom used such as pet toys, magazines and unattached cords. Custom solutions can be provided by use of modular pieces of furniture. Examples include the use of armless seats. These can be moved around every once in a while to alter sitting arrangements and create a different look. A limited dining area can be fitted with a table that varies in length. Such a table can be shrunk to suit a couple for a romantic dinner and expanded to accommodate members of a family or guests. A larger table may consume the space and fill up the room.


In order to maximize space at home, is may become necessary to hide storage items in full view. When it comes to beds, it is advisable to choose beds that come with headboard storage and deep drawers. Dining tables that come with drawers should be acquired so as to provide storage room for devices and paperwork. Combining shelving components such as drawers and shelves in any room will help maximize on the space available. This helps in making use of vertical real estate. Even built-in wardrobes and other storage features are highly welcome as they can look like part of the wall if they have push-touch closures.

Allow things to float

It is unwise to cram lots of different things in a room as this will only make it appear cluttered and impede movement. This is similar to a crowded space which will not promote love but will instead introduce frustrations and stress. Furniture items should instead be spread out while creating zones that add volume to available space. This is much better than placing all items next to the wall. It is also advisable to opt for seats that have legs rather than those with skirts. This helps create negative space. The same applies with shelves and tables that do not extend to the floor. While they occupy the same area, the unoccupied areas create an illusion of space as well as airiness.

Making use of paint

Paint offers an affordable yet simple way of decorating a home. Lighter tints and cool colors are known to create a bigger look in a room. However, this should not confine a home owner to just use neutral colors and pastels. Creativity, boldness and vibrancy are all encouraged especially if one feels this way. The aim here is to maintain flow from one room to another while maintaining the same shades and tones of color.

It is a good idea to choose a monochromatic color scheme, ensuring the use of same tones on large pieces of furniture, window ledges and the walls. Minimizing contrasts helps maintain flow especially from one part of the home to another with minimal interruptions. Such kind of approach will help to visually increase the volume in a room while minimizing the furniture mass. When a variety of texture is introduced this helps make the space even more interesting and appealing.

The ceiling is considered the fifth wall and should definitely not be ignored. This is especially so in a brand new loft or condo since many of these can be as high as 8 feet. The ceiling presents more space that can be properly utilized to add color.

Lightening up the space

Many smaller homes come with large windows. This is basically to provide a lot more light in the home. The light does a lot to the space and makes a big difference. While ambient light is only helpful during the day, the night can also be used to brighten up the home. Use of hanging lights and twinkling lights are some of the options that can be considered.