1. Take a Walk in My Shoes Posters – These ready-to-decorate oversized posters are sure to make a hit with students and parents alike. Featuring a pair of high top sneakers with writing prompts, the Really Good Stuff® Ready-To-Decorate™ Take A Walk In My Shoes! Posters is designed for students to fill in information about themselves to share with others. Use the first week of school, or the week leading up to Back-to-School Night to complete the posters. Students will get some great brainstorming and graphic organizer practice and you will have ready-made decorations for your classroom walls or desktops when parents come to visit.
  2. We’re hung Up on learning – Student-decorated mini tee shirts add personality and interest to classroom decor on Back-to-School Night. If school is already in session, have students decorate a tee shirt with their name and a design. If Back-to-School Night happens before the first day of school, encourage students to color and design their tee shirt that evening. Hang the completed tees on a laundry line at the front of the room with the sign “We’re Hung Up on Learning” in the center
  3. Super Students learn here – There is no denying that each of your students is unique in some way. Accentuate their “super powers” by using the Really Good Stuff® Ready-To-Decorate™ Super Student About Me Posters. Students can decorate and complete the posters ahead of time and then place them on their desks or on a bulletin board in the hallway outside the classroom for Back-to-School Night. Families then get to find their super student’s poster when they arrive for the evening’s event.
  4. Say it With Signs – Nothing says, “Welcome” like a simple Welcome sign. In fact, it is the easiest decoration for Back-to-School Night that you can use. However, this year, go a step beyond just hanging it on the board and create a slideshow of your students holding the welcome sign in different areas of supplies that students will need to bring with them on the first day of school.
  5. Centers Explained – Before Back-to-School Night, break students into small groups and have them record a short video on your class iPads explaining the different centers and areas of the room. Each group or pair should be assigned one specific area and come up with a 30–90 second video explaining how that center works or what types of activities are completed there. On Back-to-School Night, have the iPads set out in the different centers and open to the videos. Encourage parents to walk around the room and listen to the children explain how their classroom works. What should you do if you do not have iPads? Recor